About The Caregivers Counsel

Mariaan from The Caregivers Counsel with her Family

You cannot teach what you do not know, is my constant admonition. I had little idea that the decisions we took in 2015 would affect our lives so profoundly.

My parents eventually made the decision to retire in 2015, and as basic services had already begun to erode in the small town they lived, it seemed like the right decision to make to move from the Free State to the Garden Route in South Africa. Over the last seven years, we have experienced major UTI infections, dementia diagnoses, Covid pandemics, and hospitalisations that have left us reliant on the care of a fragile care facility. They went from a house to a retirement home, and it took them another year to get used to the regulations and the required ten meals a month in the dining hall.

We continued to face numerous obstacles throughout these years, including our own demanding jobs that require a lot of travel abroad and the obligations of having grandchildren.

I had to come to terms with the fact that I couldn’t always be there for them and that I had to be available around-the-clock when they called and prepared to drive the 400 km between our two cities in record time more than once a month.

We had to replace a lot of the standard house components to assist my mum recover after she became quite sick in 2022 and we had to pay a large sum for her to recuperate after hospitalisation in a frail care facility. Travelling into town, seeing doctors, doing regular banking, scheduling appointments, or just going about daily business all become difficult at once. When I realised how badly management, so-called friends, and occasionally relatives had abandoned their integrity, I was left speechless and occasionally immobilised by the lack of general knowledge and help.

My job as a life coach and counsellor motivated me to seek for solutions on how to better prepare myself to handle all these obstacles. These reasons inspired me to start my own Caregivers Counsel where I can share resources, equip and empower other family caregivers Currently there are few resources available in South Africa and Private caregiving will become a reality as Government Resources languish more and more.   

Our Mission

To bring awareness and empowerment to family caregivers through knowledge and resources, help them to have peace of mind and still have quality of life while providing and care for elder family members.

Our Vision

To alleviate caregiving burnout and daily problems for non-medical (family) carers through the development and distribution of useful resources and techniques. Teach prospective respite carers how to be trustworthy, ethical, and reliable while also providing them with the tools they need to earn a living doing what they love. Our aim is to have a physical support group in as many cities/towns in South Africa, possible with equipped non-medical caregivers to give support to families.

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