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I get it!   Me and my husband supporting parents in their 80’s with symptoms of Dementia, Diabetes etc.  It’s a journey I know others are going through, too. That’s why I want to provide access to experts, share resources and build a community so that we all know the right questions to ask, what services and assistance are available and how to find them.

I also want you to not feel alone since being a caregiver can be challenging. It is clear to me that, in general, the medical community helps care for the body, the behavioural health community cares for the mind and emotions, and the pastoral or church community cares for the spirit of a person. For the most part, our minds, bodies, and spirits are treated in silos. And for this reason, most people just aren’t aware of how important it is to be cared for being or to care for themselves from a whole person perspective.  Therefore, I created The Caregivers counsel- a place (counsel) where you can find resources to equip you as a Family Caregiver to feed and heal body, mind, and spirit.

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